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Perching Dragonfly

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Repurposed steel tools, rebar, and glass cabochons
60" high, 21" deep, 31" wide

What's better than a colorful dragonfly perched above a garden bed? This character sits tall at about 5 feet surveying the flowers below.

This piece will stand out for sure. The glass cabochons on its tail add a nice sparkle of color and it's wide wings give it a real presence in any space. Since this dragonfly is attached to the base via a single piece of rebar, breezes should give it a little bounce. The base has very good weight and it's well balanced, but burying the base in an uneven garden bed would probably be ideal just to give it some extra anchoring.

The paint finishes are absolutely rated for outdoor use and should last for many years, but will likely survive even longer if stored indoors over the winter ... or simply let it age year-round and enjoy the slow weathering process that always adds even more character.


If you are within a reasonable distance to Rexford, NY (which is just north of Albany, NY), and pickup is not possible, I can deliver for a small fee. If you are interested in discussing delivery options, just reach out to me through our Contact page, or email me at

- Thanks, Blaine