About The Millers

Blaine & Doreen Miller

Thank you for visiting our website. We're Blaine and Doreen Miller, and we're a couple of artists living in Rexford, New York.

A brief bio of us starts back in 1983 when we met in the high school choir. We dated steadily for a couple years until after graduation when Blaine went away to school for graphic design, while Doreen stayed in the Albany area for college.

17 years later after we'd been going about our lives and careers in different parts of the country, Blaine returned to the area and we were inadvertently reconnected by our old choir teacher, who we both stayed in touch with. Even after so many years apart we somehow had rediscovered each other again. Maybe a little older, maybe a little wiser, but we were right for each other all along and we were married four years later.

Made By The Millers

Throughout our 18 years of marriage, we have both been avid artists and crafters - always learning new skills and techniques. From stained glass to painting, from woodworking to metalworking, we’ve dabbled in a range of media over the years and always enjoyed coming up with new projects and works of art, mostly for our own home and garden, as well as gifts for family members and friends. We ultimately decided to expand those efforts where we could combine our creative passions and share our work with a wider audience.

We love making fun and curious decorative arts for homes and gardens. Maybe there's a small wall that needs livening up, a table top that needs a splash of color, or a spot in your garden you want to higlight. There's so much room for more art in our lives. By combining our different curiosities about materials, color, and light, we create special works of art that help brighten up the spaces around us.

Take a look through our collections to see if you find something that just needs to live in your world - or might be a beautiful gift for someone special. We hope our work brings you as much enjoyment as it brings us in making it.

Stay in touch to see what new works of whimsy are Made By The Millers.

- Blaine & Doreen