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Painted Bird

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Repurposed steel tools, steel rod, wood, and glass cabochons
38" high, 23" deep, 7" wide

This colorful bird sculpture stands proud as it watches over the space around it. Is it a heron, a macaw, or something else? You get to decide.

The neck and beak are formed by an old hand scythe and the head feathers are shaped from an old pitchfork. The wings are crafted from an old shovel and the tail is a metal hand rake. A slice of maple branch is sculpted into the body and finished with a glossy spar urethane. The eyes are opaque glass cabochons that add a last little splash of color, and finally, the steel leg has a point and can be easily pushed into a garden bed. Great feature if you like moving your pieces around.

The paint and wood finishes are absolutely rated for outdoor use and should last for many years, but will likely survive even longer if stored indoors over the winter ... or simply let it age year-round and enjoy the slow weathering process that always adds even more character.

Cash payments: If you choose to do pickup instead of having this piece shipped and would like to pay cash, that's fine - just email me at or text me at 518-389-5557 to reserve the piece and arrange a pickup time. No personal checks accepted. Reference # GA-002


If you are within a reasonable distance to Rexford, NY (which is just north of Albany, NY), and pickup is not possible, I can deliver for a small fee. If you are interested in discussing delivery options, just reach out to me through our Contact page, or email me at

- Thanks, Blaine