Collection: Acrylic Pour Coasters

Doreen: "These coasters are a combination of dutch pour and swiping techniques, but my main focus has been the bloom technique using a cell activator. Many of the coasters are 'wrecked', which means I go in and manually manipulate the paint to create swirls, squiggles and other interesting designs before spinning them. I hope you enjoy all of the different techniques and color combinations so far. I am always trying new things, so stay tuned!"

Blaine: "When acrylic dries with other paint additives, it creates these amazing surface patterns we wanted to try to capture. So instead of a traditional resin poured finish that dries very flat, I apply a glossy polyurethane finish that preserves a lot of those really cool textures. The poly finish is very tough and food safe, and these coasters can handle any hot or cold drink. Enjoy all the great comments you'll get from your guests!"

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Acrylic Pour Coasters