Collection: Glass Reader Suncatchers

Doreen: "These suncatchers are a fun creation of Blaine's. I particularly love how the glass panel looks like it is suspended in mid-air. I do the glass and grout work on these pieces and he creates the bases."

Blaine: "I created this design for a tabletop suncatcher years ago as we originally produced a series of smaller versions that were a third of this size. We liked the concept so much we wanted to try a larger version. The way the vertical arms hold the glass panel always felt to me like someone reading a book - hence I started call them glass readers."

To better protect the glass, we ship the the base and the glass individually wrapped. Just slide the glass into the grooves on the base and you're all set to display. You can even turn the glass upside down if you like.

Glass Reader Suncatchers