Collection: Display Trivets

Doreen: "I use the same acrylic pour techniques on these square and hexagon trivets as I do with the coasters. Metallic base colors that add a cool shimmer are a favorite. Sometimes the addition of an iridescent for the color changing effect and even some fine glitter gets mixed in too. Most of the time I use a cell activator to create cells (which I love) but sometimes the softness of the paint after it's been blown out is too pretty to touch."

Blaine: "These trivets have a durable, food safe polyurethane finish that really shows off the interesting textures in the paint. Great for cool or warm dishes to protect tables and counters. Not intended as a high temperature trivet for dishes or pots straight out of a hot oven. 200 degrees is about the limit."

They also make great accent points when on display, so we include a simple metal stand with each trivet to help them look their best!

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Display Trivets